The advantage of a home-based travel agent

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If your someone who loves travel, loves planning process,and enjoy helping others to have a great experience you may have considered starting a home-based travel agency.

The advantage of a home-based travel agent is that:

1. You ca be your own boss.

Being your own boss in terms of trying new opportunities and marketing tactics of your own business is very rewarding.The fact that you can make your own decisions, mistakes and success is very rewarding compared to having things dictated by corporate hierarchy.

2. You’ll have complete control over your work environment

You have complete location freedom.Work from home while the kids are at school.This is crucial not only for productivity but also for your happiness.Your business can be literally run by your most comfy chair with your favorite playlist.And you don’t have to worry about dealing with co- workers that might disapprove your style.

3. Get things done in your terms

Running errands and setting up appointments is so much less stressful because you can do them at any point of regular business hours.You don’t have to squeeze everything in during your lunch hour,or rush out to beat maintenance person of you house at the end of the day.


This doesn’t apply to anyone but if your are a parent and having a babysitter isn’t cheap.When working at home you can look after your kids while doing your business.

And since you don’t have to commute to work you can save money and gas or whatever your method of transportation.

5. Your home office can travel the world

YOU can travel the world while you earn.Travel agent are granted heavily discounted or even complimentary stays at the hotels around the world.

Setting up home-based travel agency does not occur substantial expenses firstly because you don’t necessary rent an office space.All you need to start a travel agency is a computer,a good website,reliable internet connections,phones and marketing materials to keep your business running.

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